JSS Tripler – Frequently asked questions

Q. What is JSS-Tripler?
A. JSS-Tripler is basically a Traffic-Exchange (Surf) Program that earns 2% or more per day — 60%+ per month. You buy $10 positions that pay out 2% or more per day.

Q. When did JSS-Tripler launch?
A. On February 17th, 2011 by Just Been Paid (since January 2010).

Q. Where can I sign up for JSS-Tripler?
A. JSS-Tripler is part of JBP. There’s no separate signup. Just sign up for JBP, if you haven’t joined yet. Click the “JSS-Tripler” link in your JBP member area.

Q. Do I have to be a JBP member to participate in JSS-Tripler?
A. Yes, at least a free member.

Q. Are there limits on how many jss-tripler positions can be bought?
A. Yes. An individual member can buy up to 250 positions per hour and up to 500 positions per day. The maximum total positions bought per day for all members is 10% of the total unexpired positions. An individual member can own up to 25,000 positions. The reasons for these limits are that we don’t want to grow too fast, and we also don’t want big buyers to “crowd out” smaller buyers. (These limits may be changed from time to time.)

Q. Can you tell me more about JSS-Tripler earnings?
A. Basically, you earn 2% per day from your $10 positions. You can buy multiple positions. You can compound daily to increase your earnings. You can use your cash balance to buy more positions.
You earn referral bonuses of 10% on your first level and 5% on your second. You can withdraw your earnings or use them to compound by buying more positions.
The basic formula jss-tripler uses is to apply 80% of funds received to pay unexpired positions. This means that every position bought enables JSS-Tripler to pay 40 positions for a day.
The total cash earnings per position is $15 or 150%. The further $15 is paid in the form of JSS positions. When four of your JSS-Tripler positions have matured and earned you $15 each, you get a JSS position that pays you $60 when it cycles. This amounts to $15 per JSS-Tripler position. This is how your money is tripled. For the details of how JSS works, see the Synergy Surf FAQ.
Because you need to be an upgraded JBP member (cost $15), you’ll need to upgrade in JBP in order to receive your JSS position(s).
To get an idea how much can be earned with JSS-Tripler, check out our Blog.

Q. Do you have automatic compounding (re-investing)?
A. No. You need to log into your account to manually buy positions, using your cash balance. (If there is sufficient demand, we may implement an automatic-compounding feature.)

Q. Is the original principal I paid for my JSS-Tripler positions returned, after my positions have earned $15 (150%) and have matured?
A. No. The original principal expires and is not returned when your positions mature. (As indicated above, for every four of your JSS-Tripler positions that mature, you also get a JSS position that pays you $60 when it cycles.)

Q. Do I have to do anything to cycle my JSS positions, and how quickly can I expect them to cycle?
A. You don’t necessarily have to do anything. However, you may want to buy “placements” (cost: $5 each) to fill your matrixes more quickly. You can also upgrade your placements to “premium” at a cost of $5 each. The best way to cycle your JSS positions more quickly is to sponsor people. It may take anything from a few weeks to several months for your JSS positions to cycle. Note that 50% of your own new JSS positions generated by JSS-Tripler will be used to fill your own matrixes.

Q. Why don’t you just pay out 300% or $30 per JSS-Tripler position?
A. If we did this it would be very difficult (if at all possible) to make JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable. You can think of the 150% cash as shortterm profits and the remainder as longterm profits.

Restart Feature (RSF)

Q. Does paying 150% or $15 in cash, and the rest in the form of JSS positions, make JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable?
A. No. As JSS-Tripler grows, a time may come when the 2% daily earnings cannot be sustained. At this point, our “Restart Feature” (RSF) will be used. It is the invoking of RSF — from time-to-time, that makes JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable. Basically, the way RSF works is that some of your existing JSS-Tripler positions are “wound up,” and JSS-Tripler is essentially restarted with much smaller obligations. Some of your “old” JSS-Tripler positions are “wound up” by being “paid out” partially in cash and partially in the form of JSS positions — with the remainder of your JSS-Tripler positions remaining within JSS-Tripler. A formula is used to maximize the “cash positions” of our members. For complete details, see the next few FAQs that follow immediately below as well as the JSS-Tripler Restart FAQ (see:http://www.justbeenpaid.com/faqs/restart.php).

For more details of how the Restart Feature works, see the JSS-Tripler Restart FAQ.

Q. What happens if, because of unforseen events, such as server downtime, DDOS attacks, etc., there’s a general loss of confidence in JSS-Tripler and members stop buying new positions?
A. RSF will be used to effectively restart JSS-Tripler as described in the JSS-Tripler Restart FAQ.

Q. If RSF is applied, will my earnings decline?
A. Yes, there will be a temporary decline. Because you retain all your downline members, your earnings will tend to increase over time after JSS-Tripler is effectively relaunched. By compounding and sponsoring more people, you’ll be able to increase your earnings to higher levels than before.

Q. If RSF is applied, will I lose money?
A. No. Some or all of your unexpired JSS-Tripler positions may be converted into JSS positions, but you won’t lose any money.

Q. Exactly what is the “big breakthrough” that makes JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable?
A. Generally, the obligations or liabilities of high-return programs grow over time. Eventually they can no longer fulfill their payout obligations. When this happens, the typical program owners “run with the money” and the programs disappear. Then you lose whatever you had left in the program.
The big breakthrough is that when JSS-Tripler positions are converted into JSS positions, liabilities are converted into assets. A JSS-Tripler position is a program liability — daily payouts have to be made. A JSS position is a program asset — no payouts have to be made, unless more money first comes in to cycle the JSS position. A JSS position is an asset for the position owner as well as for the program!

Q. Isn’t it too risky to put a lot of money into JSS-Tripler? I had more than 10K in profit in some big programs like YMMSS, PIPS, P2P, 12DailyPro, and a few others, when they went down. I have learned my lessons and the first thing to do in risky programs is to hit them as hard as I can and and pull out my capital fast. These types of programs will not make you rich but you can pick up some money easily. You can never know when unforseen problems will arise and they will have difficulties paying. JSS-Booster and JSS-Warp were introduced to make it easier for JSS-Tripler to make payouts. How can this continue indefinitely?
A. First, JSS-Booster and JSS-Warp were launched before JSS-Tripler. The “money volume” of JSS-Booster and JSS-Warp are actually insignificant compared to that of JSS-Tripler.
Second, by August 5th, 2011, our top two JSS-Tripler earners had earned over $100,000 each — see our Blog. Stick around to see when they hit the million mark!
Third, none of the programs the questioner has been in had the ability to convert their liabilities into assets. This is the “secret” nobody else has discovered. Fortunately, very few people can even understand the “secret” — so it may take a long time before the JSS-Tripler/JSS combination will be copied!
Fourth, even if “disaster strikes,” for example, a payment processor freezes our account and steals our funds, open JSS-Tripler positions can be converted into JSS positions. JSS-Tripler can be restarted with a different payment processor. Members retain all their JSS positions and can continue earning from them. Members also retain their referrals and can continue to earn referral commissions. (Most members will also most likely be able to recover funds from the “bad” payment processor!)

Q. For my downline, does JSS-Tripler use the same “genealogy” (downline structure) as the other JSS programs?
A. Yes. Everyone you’ve sponsored in the past into JBP is automatically in your JSS-Tripler downline. This applies to your second level as well. Everyone you sponsor into JBP in future, will automatically be in your JSS-Tripler downline.

Q. If I don’t participate in JSS-Booster, but some of my referrals do, will I earn referral commissions on their “JSS-Booster action?”
A. Yes. You don’t have to participate in JSS-Warp or JSS-Booster if you don’t want to. (Note that even though you can earn referral commissions for JSS-Tripler without upgrading in JBP, we recommend that you upgrade in JBP at a cost of $15 as soon as possible. This provides you with access to “The Big Success Breakthrough” — see “Access Our Products” in your JBP member area.)

Q. What are the most important differences between JSS-Tripler and the other JSS programs?
A. In JSS-Tripler, you can see your earnings added to your account every day. It’s much easier for most members to see that “something is happening” with their JSS-Tripler accounts, compared to the other JSS programs. JSS-Tripler provides “instant gratification!”
Your referral earnings are also immediately added to your account when your referrals and their referrals buy positions. You can immediately withdraw these funds, or use them to buy more positions to compound your earnings.

Q. Is JSS-Tripler based on a “tried and tested business model?”
A. JSS-Tripler was initially inspired by “The $10 Wonder” program. During 2007-2009 it paid out for over 2 years. JSS-Tripler overcomes the design flaw that eventually caused The $10 Wonder to fail and disappear.
JSS-Tripler’s business model is also similar to that of AdVentures4U (AV4U). Again, JSS-Tripler overcomes the design flaw that caused AV4U to fail.

Q. Will my JSS-Tripler earnings be “residual?”
A. Basically, “residual earnings” refer to “doing work once and getting paid repeatedly or on an ongoing basis.” Particularly if you sponsor people, you’ll benefit from residual earnings. Your referrals are likely to buy multiple positions over time, earning you 10% for each position they buy. Some of your referrals are likely to sponsor others who also buy multiple positions on an ongoing basis, earning you 5% for each position they buy. This can add up to lots of money, as you can see from the example of my (Frederick Mann’s) referral bonuses earned from AV4U.

Q. If I sponsor people into JSS-Tripler, does this automatically enable me to generate multiple income streams from JBP and the other JSS programs?
A. Absolutely! You can automatically also earn from JBP2, JBP3, JSS-Booster, and JSS.

Q. How does JSS-Tripler earn the money to pay such high returns?
A. JSS-Tripler brings earnings in the following ways (some still to be developed/implemented):
1. JBP Admin’s JSS-Tripler account;
2. Advertising sales;
3. JBP1 (The Big Success Breakthrough);
4. JBP2 (Killer Success Tricks);
5. JBP3 (More Killer Success Tricks);
6. JSS-Warp;
7. JSS-Booster;
8. JBP’s Synergy Surf (JSS);
9. Other income streams to be developed (including “Project CertoPower”).