How to Sign Up & Fund JSS Account

1. Sign Up for FREE Click Here!

2. Fill up all on details from the form and make sure (Your New Sponsor: Dragonaga). Click “Sign Me Up NOW!” 

3.  You need to Click the link on the Email Confirmation in your E-mail account.

4. After you Clicked it, It will automatically move to new tab or window with Last Step Form and  you need to fill it in, Click Membership Agreement and Click “Submit your Contact Information to Proceed”

5. Confirm Your JSS-Tripler Membership and Click “Submit your Contact Information to Proceed”.

6. Click on the Blue Button ”JSS-Tripler – New members, start here!”.

7.  Click “Enter the JSS-Tripler Member Area”.

8. Confirm Your JSS Membership and Click ”Submit you Contact Information to Proceed”.

9. Close the Window (to go back the JBP Member Area).


10. Click On The Blue Button JSS "Account Funding, JSS Matrixes".

11. Click "Enter The JSS Member Area".

12. Click on “Fund your JSS Account”.

13. Scroll Down to The Grey Button “Fund JSS Account”. Click It.

14.  Enter Amount of $$ You Wish To Fund Account then Click Button: “Proceed To Fund My  Account”.

16. Click AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money or Liberty Reserve.

17. Login to your AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money or Liberty Reserve account, then review, insert your transaction PIN dan click “Confirm & Proceed”

18. Congratulations. Funding Dollar to your JSS Account is successful, return to your JSS Tripler Member Area” tab

19. Then you can proceed to "How to Buy JSS-Tripler Position".

How much Money Should I Put into My JSS-Tripler Account?

You can start by considering two extremes:
  1. Put in only $10 to buy one position. Upgrade in JBP for $10. Sponsor people to earn referral commissions in JSS-Tripler.
  2. Put in $1,000 (or more), planning to buy 100 JSS-Tripler positions (or more). Compound some of your earnings, including referral commissions. When you think it’s appropriate, withdraw your original capital to achieve a break-even point.
Depending on how much capital you have available, you can decide how much to put at risk. In general, you shouldn’t put more than 10% of your risk capital into any one program. (Because JSS-Tripler is indefinitely sustainable, and unlikely to suddenly disappear, you could risk more than 10%.)

You could also consider a “go-for-rich” strategy of raising all the money you can from credit cards, etc. and putting it into JSS-Tripler. Then you withdraw most of your earnings to repay the debt, while you use a relatively small percentage of your earnings to buy additional JSS-Tripler positions.

Important: Take advantage of the free JSS positions you’ll get when 4 of your positions mature, i.e. for the most profit, make sure you buy at least 4 positions, and better yet, buy positions in multiples of 4.